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Membership Info

Membership is available to any person.

2017 Dues are:

$10/year for junior members (17 & under)
$30/year for single adults (18 years or older)
$40 for couple

Dues are prorated to $5/$15/$20 per category starting October of the year (for new members only).

Children not wishing to join the club are welcome at club functions as guests under the direction of their parents. Full names and waiver signatures are needed for all members.

Membership applications can be downloaded and brought to any monthly meeting, or mailed, along with payment, to:

Detectors Unlimited Inc.
13630 E Garigans Gulch
Vail, Arizona 85641
(520) 429-5969.

Whether you are a seasoned detectorist or a beginner wanting to learn more, you will be a welcome addition to Detectors Unlimited!

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